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The Love for Legs


The always sexy, Miela A.

This is by far the best blog i've encountered. Thank you, and keep up the good work. Where do you find majority of your pictures?

Asked by pongo101

Thanks, glad to hear it. I put up picture from various sites I come across or when I see an actresses with great legs. I sometimes reblog others.

Heidi has a rocking body, but not a fan of her face.


Maybe I’ve posted this before. But fuck it.

One of the HOTTEST actresses EVER! I love her legs. Jeri Ryan

My fav Rogue again… <3<3

What a sexy Rogue. So sexy. 

Combining two things I love. Old VWs & Legs.

Sandra Bullocks’ amazing legs. I do love this woman.

I love your blog!

Asked by fruitfever

Enjoy :)

Nice legs, Shay Mitchel